Afghanistan Journalist of the Year 2020: Liyaqat Layeq

Afghanistan Journalist of the Year 2020: Liyaqat Layeq

17 March 2020

Kabul: Liyaqat layeq a journalist from daily Etilaat-e-Roz wins 2020 “Afghanistan Journalist of the year” award in a tough competition against tens of other national journalists.


Afghanistan Journalists Centre (AFJC) launched the “Afghanistan Journalists of the Year” award in 2014 to appreciate the professionalism of Afghan journalists and to encourage them to adhere to internationally applied journalism standards in their coverage of events inside Afghanistan.

Mr. Layeq was deemed by the judges’ committee to have been outstanding in the year under review. He picked up the prize at the awards ceremony celebrating National Journalist’s Day on Monday March 17. Second vice president Sarwar Danish, Deputy minister of the ministry of the information and culture and journalists from across the industry attended the event held at Sedarat Palace in Kabul.

The journalists and media organization across Afghanistan were invited to nominate one story per person in the competition. The competition attracted dozens of entries from all around the country. The jury was impressed with the depth of experience contained in the state-winning entries.

Among 70 applicants participated in this competition, a total of 11 competitors from television, radio, print and online media have been recognized as outstanding journalists for their hard work in producing compelling stories in 2019-20(21 March 2019- 20 March 2020) and Mr. Liyaqat layeq from daily Etilaat-Roz received the highest score by the jury for his investigative report on the expenditure of contingency code 91 of the budget by president Ashraf Ghani and chief executive officer Abdullah Abdullah. Additionally, 10 other journalists were recognized for their outstanding reports.

Highlighting the significant role that journalists play in the war torn Afghanistan, especially in the post-Taliban era, director of Afghanistan Journalists Center Mr. Ahmad Quraishi said, “Marking the national journalist’s day in a war-ravaged country is a significant move to recognize the efforts and dedication of reporters who put their life at risk while covering events and reporting on matters that can affect people’s lives”.

By the initiative of AFJC, Hoot 27th (March 17) was named as the National Journalist’s Day and was celebrated in Kabul and other cities of Afghanistan to acknowledge the significant role of journalists in strengthening of the free press and flow of fair, impartial and balanced information to the people that stands as an important pillar in a democratic society.

Since launching the award in 2014, two journalists from the BBC Afghanistan including a female reporter, two from the country leading newspaper, Hasth-e-Subh, a female reporter from Ariana Television Network and a journalist from Pajhwok Afghan News agency have won the prestigious award.

Afghanistan Journalist of the Year award competition is open to all Afghan journalists who work inside Afghanistan with any national or international media organizations.