Sediqullah Tauhidi conferred with the Lifetime Achievement Award

Sediqullah Tauhidi  conferred with the Lifetime Achievement Award

18 March 2014

KABUL: Marking the national Journalist’s Day, Afghanistan Journalists Center (AFJC) honored Sediqullah Tauhidi with the AFJC’s Lifetime Achievement Award, in recognition of a distinguished career committed to excellence and integrity in journalism on March 18 in Kabul.


By the initiative of AFJC, March 18 was named as national Journalist’s Day and was celebrated in Kabul and other cities of Afghanistan to acknowledge the significant role of journalists in strengthening of a delivered democracy.

Talking to the event, Ahmad Quraishi, Director of Afghanistan Journalists Center highlighted the significant role journalists play in the war torn Afghanistan, especially in the post-Taliban era.

“Since 1993, 42 journalists, writers and other media workers have been killed in Afghanistan - 25 of them, including 16 Afghan Journalists in targeted attacks - and 17 others in conflict situations and as a result of explosions. Meanwhile, two Afghan journalists have been shot dead in Pakistan.” He said.

He added that five of these journalists have been killed in the 1392 solar year (March 21, 2013 to March 20, 2014) as well as 70 incidents of threats, insults and beatings. The involvement of governmental officials, security forces and the Taliban in many of these cases were reported.

Quraishi voiced concerns about the possible increase in violence against journalists after the withdrawal of international troops as well as presidential elections scheduled for April 5th.

The event was attended by officials from the Ministry of Information and Culture, media support groups and journalists. Speakers explained the achievements of media in Afghanistan as well as faced challenges.

During this event, The Lifetime Achievement in Journalism Award was presented to Mr. Sediqullah Tauhidi for 25 years of distinguished contributions in journalism and outstanding performance and dedication in his profession.

The annual Afghanistan Journalists Center Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes individual who has made an outstanding lifetime contribution to journalism in Afghanistan.

Individuals who have worked in any type of media (print, broadcast, digital) and in any journalism category (news, business, politics, cartoon, arts, etc.) are eligible for consideration. The recipient will have demonstrated, throughout his/her career, a commitment to the highest journalistic standards and ideals. His/her work and contribution to the field and society should serve as a model that inspires excellence in others.

Also, Afghanistan’s Journalist of the Year Award was presented to Mr. Malyar Sadeq Azad, BBC Afghanistan reporter for his investigative report on women learning religious studies in Northern Kunduz province. Safi Airways supported the program by providing free tickets to Dubai and New Delhi for the winners.

At the end of the event, participants asked to include 18 March as Journalist’s Day in the national calendar and celebrate it every year which was welcomed.  Advisor to the Ministry of Information and Culture supported naming the journalist’s Day.

Marking the national journalist’s day in a war-ravaged country is a significant move to recognize the efforts and dedication of reporters who put their life in risk in reporting.