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Our Mission

The Afghanistan Journalists’ Center (AFJC) is an independent, non-governmental and non-partisan body operating across Afghanistan under the country’s Mass Media Law.

This center was established in June 2009 after getting operation license from the Ministry of Information and Culture under the name of Center to Support Journalists of Afghanistan (CSJA). Its name was modified in September 2011 on request from the Executive Board of the center which was approved by the ministry of Information and Culture by issuing a renewed license.

AFJC works to defend rights of Afghan journalists and ensure freedom of expression in Afghanistan.

We aim at:

  • Bringing in a network of proactive journalists from across the country as a united body
  • Protecting rights of journalists and media people and acting as a sincere representative of the Afghan journalists in face of challenges and threats against them
  • Providing professional training for Afghan journalists
  • Providing information, news, reports and awareness materials for journalists and media activists on issues concerning the media people
  • Organizing conferences and seminars for media/rights activists with an aim to exchange views on how to effectively tackle challenges ahead of freedom of expression and journalists.
  • Monitoring and to develop the codes of ethics
  • Honoring brave professional and proactive journalists

Executive Board

Ahmad Quraishi
Ahmad Quraishi Executive Director
Yaqub Quraishi
Yaqub Quraishi Development coordinator
Parwana Alizada
Parwana AlizadaProgram associate
Faisal Karimi
Faisal Karimi Deputy, Programs & Finance
Homayoon Ghanizada
Homayoon GhanizadaProgram associate
Makia Monir
Makia MonirProgram associate
Zabihullah Noori
Zabihullah NooriDeputy, New initiatives and Development
Mohammad Wais Khatab
Mohammad Wais Khatab Coordinator, Research and proposal
Payanda Hekmat
Payanda HekmatProgram associate
Wahid Paikan
Wahid PaikanCoordinator, impunity & journalists assistance program
Mohammad Aref Karimi
Mohammad Aref KarimiProgram associate
Ahmad Faisal Sahar
Ahmad Faisal SaharWeb producer

Advisory Board

Sediqullah Tuhidi
Sediqullah TuhidiHead of Media watch, NAI, Kabul
Khalil Parsa
Khalil ParsaCoordinator, Civil Society Institutions Network, Herat
Danesh Karokhel
Danesh KarokhelEditor-in-chief, Pajhwok Afghan News, Kabul
Aziz Hakimi
Aziz HakimiEditor-in-chief, Afghanistan Monitor, London
Omar Nesar
Omar NesarDirector, Centre for Contemporary Afghan Studies, Moscow
Mohammad Nabi Waqar
Mohammad Nabi WaqarDeputy Country Director, International Legal Foundation, Kabull
Imam Mohammad Warimach
Imam Mohammad WarimachFreelance journalist


Move Your Mouse on Your Province


The Afghanistan Journalists Center (AFJC) is an independent, non-governmental, non-political and non-partisan organization working for promotion of freedom of expression under Afghanistan’s Media Law.
The center came into existence in June 16, 2009 officially licensed by the Ministry of Information and Culture under the name of ‘Center to support Journalists of Afghanistan’. In September 2011, the organization changed its name shortening it to ‘Afghanistan Journalists Center’ under the renewed license from the ministry.
Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about AFJC:

Why AFJC was created?

Freedom of media is one of the tremendous achievements of the post-Taliban government. However, this achievement has been undermined by ongoing war, an unfriendly environment for establishment of democracy and a prevailing culture of warlordism in many areas has threatened development of the media.
Such continuing threats alarmed some journalists and media freedom activists to raise and defend freedom of expression in Afghanistan, establishing the Afghanistan Journalists Center.

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