Seasoned publication Meena closes down

Aug 3, 2014

Jalal Abad:The editor-in-chief of Meena (love) magazine in the eastern Nangarhar province announced the closure of this 12 year old publication on Sunday following death threats.

Ezatullah Zawab told a press conference in Jalalabad that some elements of the mafia and “enemies of the culture” were threatening him for a while now.

“I endured many challenges while publishing this magazine so far but unfortunately am compelled to announce the closure”, the dejected Zwab said.

He did not reveal the cause or identity of those threatening him but just mentioned that former war lords and people with illegal arms were intimidating him.

He regretted that none among the independent human rights commission, UNAMA, journalists associations or security organizations approached him for help.

Lal Pacha Azmoon, head of the writers and journalists association in the east lamented the closure of this publication. He said the freedom of speech was confronted with numerous threats across the country and especially in Nangarhar province.Pajhwok