Activists Call for Larger Female Presence in Afghan Media

Activists Call for Larger Female Presence in Afghan Media

May 19, 2015

Kabul: Afghan women's rights activists on Thursday gathered in Kabul for an event dedicated to the issue of women in the media. Participants said so-called "traditional" values and security threats have all together demoralized many women from becoming journalists and the broader media industry.

"Female journalists are still facing social, environmental and security issues in this country," civil society activist Masooma Mohammadi told TOLOnews. "Comprehensive measures are needed to overcome the challenges and expand the role of female journalists, because women are capable of developing effective stories," he added.

The gathering on Thursday was attended by civil society institutions and many female journalists. "I firmly believe that women must come forward and show their energy and take advantage of existing opportunity," civil society advocate Humaira Saqib said.

"As a new journalist, I feel there are some obstacles in my way, like the rest of the women who are willing to join journalism," a female Afghan journalist named Farzana said.

There are dozens of male Afghan journalists currently working in the field, reporting on events on the ground in every corner of Afghanistan. There are said to be just a handful of Afghan female reporters in the field.