Afghan journalist injured in gunmen attack In Kabul

Aug 3, 2014

KABUL: A young Afghan reporter of Pajhwok New agency was injured in his left arm during attack by unidentified gunmen in central capital Kabul.

Being hospitalized at Kabul Emergency hospital, Azizullah Hamdard has been attacked by two gunmen near his residence on Sunday night at 9:00pm

According to Pajhwok, the attackers managed to flee when residents of nearby houses reached the site.

Soon after the incident, he said he informed security officials at the 15th police district through the telephone. But nobody came there.

Hamdard said he was evacuated to Wazir Akbar Khan, Mirwais Raziqi hospitals by his family members at 12:00am. But he was not hospitalized there because he was not accompanied by police.

But later was allowed to be hospitalized in Emergency hospital, after its authority’s established contact with police.

No one immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, but Hamdard linked the attack to his journalism related activities since he had disclosed numerous facts regarding fraud during the presidential elections.

AFJC condemns the attack and calls on the Afghan security forces to seriously investigate the incident and bring the attackers to justice.