Afghan MoI Launches Public Police Radio

Afghan MoI Launches Public Police Radio

January 25, 2015

Kabul: The Ministry of Interior Affairs (MoI) has launched its "Radio Police" services aimed at removing the distance between the police and citizens.

During the inauguration ceremony on Sunday, the acting Interior Minister Ayoub Salangi stressed that the new broadcasts would result in better cooperation of people with the police forces.

According to MoI officials, Radio Police has launched only in Kabul and some surrounding provinces.

"The the purpose of this initiative is to strengthen the relations between the people and police," Salangi said. "Through this, people will be able to help the police in preventing enemies' plans from unraveling."

The launch of "Radio Police" comes as the MoI's 119 emergency helpline is already active in six provinces that allow citizens to inform the police about any suspicious activities. According to MoI officials, this service has helped the police in neutralizing a number of insurgent plans in different parts of the country.

"During the past seven years, the citizens from all over the country have contacted us about the placement of bombs by the enemies," 119 Director Humayoon Aini said. "We have been able to prevent hundreds of explosions and even suicide bombings in different areas of the country, especially on roads and highways."

Broadcasted on 96.5 FM, the "Radio Police" will be holding eight to nine hours of programs in Kabul and the surrounding provinces on a daily basis. The MoI officials promised to expand the coverage to the rest of the provinces in the near future. ToloNews