AFJC condemns beating of 1TV's editor-in-chief by presidential protection guards (PPS)

AFJC condemns beating of 1TV's editor-in-chief by presidential protection guards (PPS)


23 April 2019

Kabul- Afghanistan Journalists Center(AFJC) condemns firmly todays’ physical assault and violence by the Presidential Protection Guards (PPS) against journalist and editor-in-chief of 1TV Abdullah Khejani in Kabul.

Mr. Khenjani said he was beaten up and briefly detained by the Presidential Protection Guards (PPS) as he was supposed to attend an off the record discussion at the Government Media Information Center(GMIC) in Kabul on Monday.

Speaking to a press conference, Khenjani said that he was invited for an off the record discussion at GMIC, but was prevented from attending the meeting and his mobile was forcibly snatched and checked by PPS guards.

Reacting to the incident, the Afghanistan Journalists Center(AFJC) call for a quick and objective investigation of the incident. Executive director of the Afghanistan Journalists Center(AFJC) Ahmad Quariahi said “Violence against journalists is never acceptable. We strongly condemn this incident, which also reveals a troubling lack of understanding of journalists’ right by the presidential protection guards (PPS).

“The president office must clarify the facts and ensure that those responsible for this act of assault are held accountable. “AFJC urges also the president office to show decent character and cooperate fully with the special committee at the ministry of interior investigating the incident to demonstrate its willingness to respect the rule of law. Anything short of that will not be accepted” Mr. Quraishi added.

Meanwhile, the Presidential Palace officials apologized over the alleged assault of the senior journalist by PPS during the press conference held at 1TV.

“The head of PPS guards, Gen. Raiz Arayn, the deputy of spokesperson to the president, Shahussain Murtazawi and me visited 1TV to apologize the journalist. We made promise that the case will be followed up as per Mr. Khenjani suggestions. The government is fully prepared to thoroughly investigate the incident. Immediate and serious actions would be taken If any violence has happened Khenjani.” said a spokesperson to the president, Haroon Chakhansori.