First ever sport reporters congress held in Kabul

First ever sport reporters congress held in Kabul

May 29, 2016

Kabul: Dozens of Afghan sport reporter attend the first ever congress of sports reporters in capital Kabul on Sunday aimed at spreading awareness about sport journalism and coordinating the event in a batter way.

Speaking on the occasion, Mohammad Khan, first deputy of Chief Executive Officer (CEO), said that people were tired from hearing news about suicide bombing, explosion, killing, kidnapping and other similar stories.

He suggested to the journalist to divide their news in two categories of good and bad news because the good news would give people a hope in their life and they would get more interest to read and hear.

“Try to concentrate on positive stories such as construction, rehabilitation and keep the national interest supreme in your filed,” Khan told the journalist who were present on the occasion in a large number.

He said sport helped the individuals to avoid waste of time and it resulted in gaining pride for the country and the nation on national and international level.

He praised Afghan sportsmen and women for their performance in different sports despite the sacracy of resources and coaching staff in the country.

The event was organized by the Afghanistan Sports Writers Federation (ASWF). The congress attracted local and foreign journalists as well as government officials

ASWF Head Sayer Zaland, termed the occasion as an historic milestone for the sports and sports journalists. He said the congress would pave the way to nurture sports journalism and coordinate sports related events in a better way.

He noted that the ASEF strives to create opportunities for growth for sports and sports journalists in the country.

Dawa Khan Menapal, deputy presidential spokesman read the statement of the President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on the occasion. In his message, the President facilitated the ASWF for organizing the event and assured the Arg (Presidential Palace)’s support for it.

Amjad Aziz Malik, the Secretary General of International Sports Press Association's continental section (AIPS Asia) said on the occasion that the Afghan sports journalists would be provided with training opportunities in Bahrain and Pakistan.

At the end of the congress, Zaland announced five regional ASWF committees and distributed certificates among members.Pajhowk