Taliban attack On TOLO TV staffers named 'Black Wednesday'

Taliban attack On TOLO TV staffers named 'Black Wednesday'

Jan 21, 2015

Kabul:The Afghanistan Federation of Journalists on Thursday declared yesterday as “Black Wednesday” due to a Taliban suicide attack that killed seven media persons and injured dozens more, saying the attack would change media’s relations with the Taliban.

In a statement, the federation of journalists, which constitutes of the journalists’ unions including Afghanistan Journalists Center strongly denounced the attack and declares the following points in response to the terrorist attack in Kabul in which seven staff members of Tolo TV and some of the defenseless fellow compatriots were killed and over 30 others were injured:
1. Afghanistan Journalists’ Federation and Afghanistan media condemn in the strongest possible terms the brutal attack on Tolo TV employees. They will name the day of the attack as “Black Wednesday” in the history of Afghanistan media.

2. By organizing and conducting this brutal and criminal attack, Taliban terrorist group proved that they have no respect for or commitment to any values of humanity, human rights, and free media activities. Their crime shows the terroristic nature of this retrogressive group.

3. Afghanistan Journalists’ Federation and Afghanistan media will respond in various dimensions and steps to this unforgivable crime of Taliban terrorist group and will share their important decisions with the people.

4. This grand and unprecedented crime will change the relationship of media with Taliban terrorist group. Terrorist Taliban will pay a dear price for their unforgivable action. From now on, Afghanistan media will impose serious changes in its news coverage policy towards terrorist Taliban.

5. Afghanistan Journalists’ Federation and Afghanistan media seriously demands from the leadership of the National Unity Government to immediately identify and bring to justice those elements of terrorist groups who operate from within the political system, spread propaganda and plot terrorist activities. Members of the federation support the State’s any decisive action against terrorist groups.

6. We call upon all foreign and domestic media which operate in Afghanistan to strictly regard the country’s effective laws, particularly articles on “Prohibition of Promoting Terrorism and Propaganda”. We call upon the government to take serious measures to follow implantation of the law and prosecute the violators.

7. Afghanistan Journalists’ Federation and Afghanistan media will immediately start coordinating of practical efforts with the government and media owners to protect lives of the employees of media entities.

8. We demand from media owners to provide the work compensation to the journalists and media personnel, particularly those who lose their lives or get injured in the line of duty, in accordance with the “Regulation on the Establishment and Operation of Privately Owned Mass Media”.

9. Those media that refuse to follow the articles of this statement declared by Afghanistan Journalists’ Federation will lose the federation’s support.

10. We call once more upon the government to fire and prosecute those Kabul security officials who have neglected their duties in preventing this terrorist attack.