World Press Institute Awards Fellowship to Afghan Journalist for 2017 Program

World Press Institute Awards Fellowship to Afghan Journalist for 2017 Program

May 3, 2017

Kabul: Afghanistan Journalists Center is honored to announce its senior member Mr. Eltaf Najafizada, a distinguished Afghan journalist with Bloomberg News, is awarded a nine-week journalism fellowship by the World Press Institute in the U.S.

The main themes of the program include "nuclear security, the American presidency, and journalism in the era of 'fake news'" which are set to be discussed, according to the WPI's website. It will also allow the participants to examine "the free press and media innovations and learning about America's social and cultural diversity and the political system," in the U.S., it said.

Mr. Najafizada will join nine other senior international reporters to take part in the program which will take place from Mid-August in the U.S.

Reporters from Brazil, Bulgaria, China, England, Finland, Germany, Kenya, Poland, and Russia make the rest nine participants. The WPI chose the famed reporters after reviewing hundreds of applications from the globe. The participants will also have the opportunity to meet press moguls, political and business leaders, and are tasked to write and report on issues of interest for the WPI.

Mr. Najafizada, who's holding an M.A. degree in economics from a London University, is a writer covering Afghanistan's politics and business for an international and national audience via Bloomberg News. Before joining the American news outlet in 2009 in Kabul, he used to work as a freelance reporter and photojournalist for two years at Associated Press and Agence France-Presse in Mazar-e-Sharif.

The WPI is an American private and nonprofit international organization and was founded in 1961 with an aim to promote and strengthen press freedom worldwide. They brought over 600 famed international journalists in the U.S. since their inception - each year 10 best reporters.

WPI 2017 Selected Fellows

Mr. Najafizada can be followed on Twitter at @EltafN