Editor released after 19 days imprisonment

Editor released after 19 days imprisonment

December 14, 2014

Panjshir: Acting editor-in-chief of Panjshir's state-owned biweekly who was arrested for publishing a poem considered blasphemous, has been released after 19 days imprisonment.

Abdul Jabbar Jobran 28, told to AFJC that he had copied the controversial poem from the Internet and published it in the biweekly on October 13.

“There was never any intent to offend anyone by publishing this poems and I deeply regret that it did.”

Jobran was arrested by police following a meeting of local clerics with the Panjshir’s governor on November 25.

The clerics have demanded local administration to punish responsible person for publishing this poem.

5 days later, AFJC’ reprehensive in Northern provinces, Ahmad Hanyesh expressed the organization concern on the arrest of Jobran with provincial governor, Abdul Rahman Kabiri and asked him to release jobran as soon as possible.

Kabiri call the imprisoning an attempt by local administration to protect the journalist and promised to release him soon.

According to Afghanistan's media law, journalists can be arrested only after their case is first reviewed by the Media Commission, but In the case of Abdul Jabbar, this process was not followed.

AFJC says the press is required to respect Afghanistan's official religion, But authorities cannot assume the right to arrest the journalists.

In October, Afghanistan Express daily columnist condemning Islamic State (IS) and the Taliban triggered demonstrations in several cities around country, with protesters denouncing the article as blasphemous and calling on the government to punish the publication.

A week later, confirmation came that the editor had indeed been escaped from Afghanistan and the newspaper's offices closed.