Dunya Local Radio Station Comes under Grenade Attack

Charikar, May 29, 2012

A grenade was thrown on Dunya non-government radio station in Charikar capital city of Parwan province, which resulted to the injury of station’s broadcast manager.

The attack happened at 2am on Tuesday, May 29th, the station deputy manager, Mohammad Shafi Moshfiq told Afghanistan Journalists Center.

According to Mr. Moshfiq, “The grenade, aimed at the newsroom, was thrown from outside and exploded as it hit the wall causing damages to the newsroom equipments, and injuring the station’s broadcast manager, Mr. Mohammad Aqa Qane on the ear and hand.”

Mr. Qane was taken to the hospital and his health condition has been reported ‘normal’, according to station’s deputy manager.

Mr. Moshfiq added that it was the first time the station had come under such attack, and prior to this incident none of Dunya radio staff has ever received any threats at all. On the other hand, he thinks the attack was organized by those who found the station’s independent reporting on local and national problems against their personal interests.

The station is located near Kabul-Mazar transit road and about 100 meter away from Parwan Police Commissioner’s Office.

Mohammad Akram Bikzad, Parwan Police Commissioner said that the causes of the attack had yet to be determined, and an investigation has already been launched.

Dunya radio station that covers about 50 kilometer in range is the first local station in Charikar city and the second in Parwan province. The station has commenced its program on 88.8 FM band in 2010.

Previously on June 05, 2007, another non-government radio station located in Jabulsiraj district of Parwan province came under attack of unknown gunmen who succeeded in killing the station manager.

Zakia Zaki was killed along with her family members in a midnight attack at her house after she returned from radio station.