Road renamed in Zaranj to honor journalists

Road renamed in Zaranj to honor journalists

November 10, 2016

Zaranj: A key road has been renamed as “Jadaye KhabarNegaran” (Journalists Road) in the capital of southwestern Nimroz province.

The road in Zarjanj City was renamed after being suggested so by local journalists and media advocacy groups at a ceremony held in this regard here.

Local officials, provincial council members and journalists attended the ceremony.

Nimroz Governor Mohammad Sami said the road leading to the police headquarters was renamed based on the suggestion by the provincial Information and Culture Department and some media representatives.

He said the renaming was a dedication to the hard work of journalists and a memorial of the martyred media men.

Provincial Information and Culture director Sayed Hamed Sadat said renaming the road as “Jadaye KhabarNegaran” would have a positive effect on journalists and media throughout the country.

“When a road is named after journalists, they feel their importance and respect in the society”, he added.

Municipality department head Mohammad Ali said the road located in 4th municipal district had 800 meters length and 18 meters width.

“Journalists and media men play an important role in a society by providing timely news and information about incidents throughout the country, that’s why we are bound to appreciate their honest and hard work”, he added.

One of the Western zone journalists, Qadeer Shahin, said the media and journalists were reflectors of the pain and sorrow of people and facts of the society. “Pursuing this, many journalists have lost their lives.”

Ahmad Shah Saber, a journalist in Nimroz province, expressed his happiness about the government’s move to name the road after journalists.

“Journalists in Nimroz have been facing many difficulties and media defending institutions had never paid us enough attention.”

He claimed in the past ten years, journalists in Nimroz had been once or twice invited to conferences or training courses in Kabul. No other attention had been paid to journalists in the province, he added.

Abdul Qayum Pedram Qazizada, representative of the Afghanistan Journalists Center in Heart province, also appreciated the provincial government for honouring journalists. He said journalists hoped the freedom of speech and support for the media would be more fortified with the passage of time. Pajhwok