AFJC condemns the Taliban attack on a local journalist in Herat

Herat, Apr 23, 2013

Afghanistan Journalists Center seriously condemns the life attempt on Ali Asghar Yaghobi, director of the information department of Herat Directorate of Information and Culture and presenter of Mojhda radio.

Ali Asghar Yaqubi, was seriously wounded in an attack by two motorcyclists last evening in Herat city and his colleagues said he is recovering well at home after being released from hospital on Tuesday afternoon.

Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack and called it a response to his anti- Islam and Taliban propaganda at Mojhda private-owned radio.

On Tuesday morning, local journalists staged a protest against the attack on their colleague and asked the provincial government detention and prosecution of the attackers.

At the end of the protest, Deputy Governor Asiluddin Jami and provincial police commander, Gen Rahmatullah Safi, assured the journalists the attackers would be traced and brought to justice in few days.

Applauding the action of local officials, Afghanistan Journalists Center reiterates that it will pursue the case with seriousness until satisfactory results are provided by the Herat local government official.

Last ten days were the harshest days for Afghan journalists; AFJC has recorded seven incidents of violence against journalists in Farah, Herat, Takhar, Ghour and Badakhshan provinces.

Afghanistan Journalists Center considers this considerable increase in the rate of cases of violence against journalists a matter of serious concern.