Clerics fatwa on Herai TV's 'anti-Islamic' programs

HERAT, September 5, 2010

Clerics in the western provinces of Afghanistan issued a fatwa against a privately run local television channel and asked for banning it.

Mullahs in a meeting of Ulema Council said the Nishkhand show of Herai TV which in a recent episode a man clothed as woman dancing and kissing a man was violating Islamic decency rules.

The Ulema Council of the Western Zone said the show was aimed at promoting immorality and  was provocative of the youth.

Muhammad Kababyani, deputy head of the council, said the fatwa was unanimously approved by the mullahs and was later sent to the information and culture department with an request to ban the channel.

He said it was illegal and against Islamic morality to show woman dancing in front of men and exchanging kisses.

Nishkhand,  is a humorous popular program aired every Friday night by the Herat-based channel.

Spokesman of the Herat governor Naqib Arvin said they knew about the Uelma Council's request to ban the channel and that it was sent to relevant organizations to look into it.

Abdul Zahir Rahin, acting director of Herai TV, told the AFJC that the program was not intended to spread immorality or show any anti-Islamic shows.

Herai TV has been on air since two years in Herat with its viewership in several districts of the province in addition to Herat city.