Majid Saeedi wins the second prize of the World Press Photo Contest 2013

Kabul, Feb 15, 2013

Majid Saeedi, the Getty Images photographer in Afghanistan wins the second prize of the World Press Photo Contest 2013.

The "Life in War" photos were presented to the contest in the category of contemporary issues.

Winners of the 56th Annual World Press Photo contest were announced today in Amsterdam. The jury, chaired by Santiago Lyon, Vice President and Director of Photography at the Associated Press, selected a photo by Paul Hansen of Dagens Nyheter as the World Press Photo of the Year 2012.

To see the full set of winning photos, visit the World Press site.

Mr. Saeedi is an award-winning, internationally recognized Iranian photographer. He has photographed throughout the Middle East for the past two decades, focusing on humanitarian issues with a special interest in telling previously untold stories of social injustice. He also especially enjoys doing street photography – portraying citizens and ordinary life.

On 2009, he was arrested in Iran by Iranian suppressor regime while he was shooting photos from the anti-regime protestors in the streets of Tehran and was accused of spying to foreign countries. He spent 40 days in solitary confinement under torture and was sentenced to three years imprisonment. After several months, he was released on $100,000 bail, but was banned from working in Iran. In this condition unlike other Iranian reformists who migrated to US or Europe, Mr. Saeedi decided to move to Afghanistan.

Mr. Saeedi has been living in Afghanistan for the past four years. During these years, he has focused on human rights violations in Afghanistan and made the world aware of the catastrophic situation of this country by his photography. He really has a great spirit and has shown his love to humanity. He has been rewarded the prestigious R.F. Kennedy Award 2012 as the best human right photographer, Lucie Award in New York 2011 as the best photographer of the year for his work in Afghanistan and the UNICEF award 2010.